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Organization Chart

President's Administrative Organization
President Glenn McConnell

The Office of the President is dedicated to the College of Charleston's mission to provide the highest-quality education to its students. This includes stewardship of the College’s infrastructure, operational support systems and services to enable faculty, students and staff to achieve their academic goals and objectives.

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. President
    1. Senior Executive Administrator
      1. Senior Director Community Relations
    2. Executive Secretary to the Board and Vice President for College Projects
      1. Director of Institutional Events
    3. Associate Vice President Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
    4. Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
    5. Ombudsperson
    6. General Counsel
    7. Athletics Director
    8. Executive Vice President, Student Affairs
      1. Campus Recreation Services
      2. Career Center
      3. Civic Engagement
      4. Counseling and Substance Abuse Services
      5. Dean of Students
      6. Disability Services
      7. Fraternity and Sorority Life
      8. Higdon Student Leadership Center
      9. Multicultural Student Programs and Services
      10. Pre-College Programs and Upward Bound
      11. Residence Life-Programs
      12. Student Health Services
      13. Student Life
      14. Victim Services
    9. Provost/Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
      1. School of the Arts
      2. School of Business
      3. School of Education, Heath, and Human Performance
      4. School of Humanities and Social Sciencs
      5. School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs
      6. School of Sciences and Mathematics
      7. The Graduate School of the University of Charleston, South Carolina
      8. Honors College
      9. School of Professional Studies
      10. Libraries
      11. Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid
      12. Academic Expereince
      13. Registrar
      14. International Programs
      15. Summer Programs
    10. Executive Vice President, Institutional Advancement
      1. Development
      2. Alumni Affairs
      3. Foundation
    11. Executive Vice President, Business Affairs
      1. Information Technology
      2. Human Relations
      3. Human Resources
      4. Procurement
      5. Auxiliary and Business Services
      6. Internal Auditor
      7. Government Relations
      8. Environmental Health and Safety
      9. Sustainability
      10. Residence Life/Housing Business Administration
      11. Fiscal Services
    12. Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
      1. Advancement Communications
      2. College Marketing
      3. Executive Communications
      4. Communications
    13. Vice President, Administration and Planning *
      1. Public Safety
      2. Institutional Research
      3. Facilities Planning
      4. Physical Plant
* Dual reports to Executive Vice President of Business Affairs