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Organization Chart

President's Administrative Organization
Interim President Stephen C. Osborne

The Office of the President is dedicated to the College of Charleston's mission to provide the highest-quality education to its students. This includes stewardship of the College’s infrastructure, operational support systems and services to enable faculty, students and staff to achieve their academic goals and objectives.

  1. Board of Trustees
  2. President
    1. Senior Executive Administrator
      1. Senior Director Community Relations
    2. Senior Executive Advisor to the President
    3. Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Vice President for College Projects
      1. Director of Institutional Events
    4. Associate Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning
    5. Associate Vice President for Instittuional Research, Planning, and Information Management
    6. Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
    7. Athletics Director
    8. Ombudsperson
    9. General Counsel
    10. Chief of Police
    11. Internal Auditor (dual reports to Board of Trustees)
    12. Executive Vice President, Student Affairs
    13. Provost/Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
    14. Executive Vice President, Institutional Advancement
    15. Executive Vice President, Finance and Business
    16. Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
    17. Vice President, Facilities Planning, Management, and Operations
    18. CIO/Senior Vice President, IT and Innovation
    19. Vice President, Admissions and Enrollment Planning