Committee Members

Joint Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Committee

  • Mark Berry, Chief Marketing Officer/VP of Marketing and Communications
  • Alicia Caudill, Executive Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Debbie Hammond, Senior Executive Administrator for the President
  • George Hicks, President, Student Government Association
  • Karen Jones, Director of Alumni Communications, Alumni Affairs; Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association
  • Elizabeth Jurisich, Speaker of the Faculty; Professor, Mathematics
  • Elizabeth Kassebaum (chair, non-voting), Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees; Vice President, College Projects
  • Paul Patrick, Chief of Staff
  • Jonathan Ray, Director of Institutional Events and Chef Concierge
  • Chris Tobin, Executive Vice President, Institutional Advancement
  • Fran Welch, Interim Provost
  • Michael Zinn, President, Graduate Student Association
  • ___________, Executive Vice President, Business Affairs