Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety determines whether there is a need for officers at an event on campus based on the information submitted via the Event Planning & Notification Form. As a rule of thumb, you should have the Department of Public Safety present if your event has more than 100 people, is open to the campus and the general public, has a cash box or ticket sales, offers the sale of alcohol, and/or the event is after business hours. 

At the discretion of Department of Public Safety, additional security may be contracted for an event depending on the size and scope. Costs for such service may be charged to the sponsoring host depending on circumstances.

For questions concerning the need for security, contact the Department of Public Safety at 843.953.4980 or visit the main headquarters at 81-B St. Philip Street, located on the first level of the St. Philip Street Parking Garage. The more informed they are, the less likely it is that something unexpected will go wrong.