Film and Photography Requests

Scout Visits

Scout visits are useful to producers and also help university officials clearly determine the needs of a production.  Anyone wishing to scout locations before submitting a written photography or filming request should contact Jonathan Ray at 843.953.1925 or  Permission for a scout visit does not constitute approval by the College for the use of its facilities.


Location fees are based on multiple variables such as the length and timing of the shoot, the locations involved, the type and size of production, as well as resources and services required from the college.  College of Charleston reserves the right to withhold permission to film on certain areas of campus if production will unduly disturb the ongoing academic and/or social activities of the college community.


Insurance is required in amounts stipulated by the Office of Business and Auxiliary Services and the Office of Legal Affairs.  "College of Charleston, its Board of Trustees, officers, employees and representatives" must be named as "Additional Insureds" to the Broad Form Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, and the certificate must be in effect at least two business days prior to the commencement of the license agreement between the College of Charleston and Licensee and not subject to cancellation within 30 days of the end of the shoot.  The COI must be received by the Office of Institutional events no fewer than seven days before the shoot begins.  Additional information regarding insurance requirements is provided in the License Agreement.

Meals and Catering

ARAMARK is College of Charleston's food service provider and has first right of refusal for all catered events held on-campus.  Anyone wishing to use an off-campus vendor must receive approval from ARAMARK's College of Charleston Catering staff prior to the confirmation of any food service contract.

Please visit College of Charleston Catering or call the Catering Coordinator at 843.953.5669 for more information regarding catering services.


College of Charleston is unable to guarantee parking for any film or photography programs.