Senior Administration Searches

The College of Charleston is currently filling several key leadership roles on campus. Below are the positions and the campus members assigned to the hiring committee. Both of these searches are being assisted by the recruiting firm R. William Funk & Associates.

Provost/Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs

  1. Simon Lewis – Speaker of the Faculty*
  2. Alicia Caudill – EVP, Student Affairs*
  3. Tim Johnson – Dean, School of Languages, Cultures, and World Affairs
  4. Narayanan Kuthirummal – Chair, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  5. Rénard Harris – Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Diversity
  6. Jocelyn Evans – Associate Dean, School of Business
  7. Marian Mazzone – Associate Professor, Modern and Contemporary Art
  8. Keonya Booker – Associate Professor, Teacher Education
  9. John White – Dean, Libraries
  10. Kate Pfile – Associate Professor, Health and Human Performance, and Faculty Fellow in Honors College
  11. Jon Hakkila – Associate Dean, Graduate School
  12. Graeme Coetzer – Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Professional Studies

Chief Financial Officer/Executive Vice President for Business Affairs

  1. Paul Patrick - Chief of Staff and former CFO*
  2. Godfrey Gibbison – Dean, School of Professional Studies, and Interim Dean, Graduate School*
  3. Dawn Willan – Interim Vice President of Fiscal Services and Chief Financial Officer
  4. Weishen Wang – Chair, Department of Finance
  5. William Veal – Professor, Teacher Education, and Chair of the Faculty Senate Budget Committee